Downtown Walk

SMS involves international caliber professional planning consultants, namely Cadiz International, experienced in designing large shopping centers in foreign countries. SMS is a shopping mall with the concept of family, which consists of 3 floors featuring the concept of fashion, food & entertainment integrated. In addition, SMS has a unique concept of "The Downtown Walk", which became a trend for the shopper from Serpong community and even from Jakarta.

In "The Downtown Walk", can be found cozy atmosphere of alfresco in the open space with vertical garden complete with water beautiful feature while being entertained by live music from the band as well as the regular artist / band that often top 3 performances at the main stage every day. Broadway stage as the biggest stage equipped with a giant LED TV is perfect for watching a football game together events from your favorite club. In addition, visitors can also enjoy a variety of eating places available in the area "The Downtown Walk" or just hang out with relatives and family. "The Downtown Walk" is also equipped with WiFi that can be used by visitors to the SMS.

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