Mal Kelapa Gading

Was first announced on March 24, 1990 with the name Plaza Kelapa Gading, Mal Kelapa Gading (MKG) was originally a shopping center that only serve the daily needs of the surrounding community of Kelapa Gading. In the Kelapa Gading Plaza which has an area of ​​30.000 m2 was contained Supermarket & Department Store, Gramedia Bookstore, Gading 21, etc.

Then in May 1995 MKG 2 unveiled with the addition of an area of 40.000 m2, as well change its name to Mal Kelapa Gading. Development of MKG 2 which runs parallel with the development of the region, began to apply the concept of the family mall with a wider range of North Jakarta. Began shopping facilities equipped with the presence of Sogo Department Store with the concept of the upper middle, the food court, playground Timezone, JCO Donuts, Batik Keris, Everbest, Giordano and various brands of fashion peoples favorite. As well as cinema Gading 21 in MKG 1.

Along with the development of society and lifestyle demands on Kelapa Gading , which is part of the metropolitan city of Jakarta, in 2003 MKG 3 was developed with an area of 60.000 m2, 10 April 2003 which was announced by the Governor of Jakarta, Mr. H. Sutiyoso SH. MKG as a family mall concept that has been applied, the more developed since the presence of MKG 3 to complete the shopping facilities on the theme of Fashion - Food - Entertainment for the whole family. Sogo Department Store located between MKG 2 and 3, adds breadth to +17.000 m2. Then there were also various internationally renowned brands, both of fashion products such as Next , Mark & Spencer, Guess, Esprit, Zara, Pull & Bear, Promod, Charles & Keith, Mothercare etc., to a variety of restaurants and bakery outlets, such as Bread Talk, Secret Recipe, Duck King, Sushi Tei, Golden Jade, etc. Shopping center developed into a regional scale is performing well as a variety of unique shopping concept attractive as a shopping destination for both domestic and foreign tourists. Completing the uniqueness and variety of tenants fashion outlets, MKG also presents anyway Cinema XXI ever play the movies latest box office.

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