Scentia Garden

Scientia Garden is an area of 200 hectare in Serpong Summarecon that designed as an integrated area of "Smart and Green Environtment". Scientia Garden is furnished with various facilities such as Multimedia Nusantara University, Solar Research and Education Center, Surya University, Scientia Residences Apartment, and some of facilities in Scientia Square  such as SDC Serpong and SQP (Scientia Square Park).
Scientia Garden is a residential area of modern advanced technology, combined with system-oriented environment. Each cluster are equipped with Internet, cable TV, a panic button, and integrated security systems.
This area have implemented environment-oriented system and activities such as recycling bins, recycling of water, absorb rainwater, making biopori, create and maintain an open green spaces and educate residents to care for the environment.
Currently Summarecon Serpong has developed 9 residential clusters in the Scientia Garden Area which consists of Newton Residence, Dalton Residence, Darwin Residence, Pascal Residence, The Aristoteles Residence, Volta Residence, Maxwell Residence, Faraday Residence dan Edison Residence. Besides the residential area Summarecon Serpong also developed Scientia Residence Apartment and commercial area in Scientia Garden such as Newton Commercial, Pascal Commercial, Dalton commercial, Scientia Commercial, Darwin Commercial, and an office area Scientia Business Park.