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Indonesia Green Awards 2013, ''Green'' Appreciation To Summarecon

June 25, 2013

The demand for pro-environmental lifestyle are indeed surfaced, no exception to the residential environment. Because this is where every family will be the pioneer of their future. For the efforts to bring environmental balance in the development of residential areas, PT Summarecon Agung, through its business unit Summarecon Serpong gain an appreciation of Indonesia Green Awards 2013.

Indonesia Green Awards was pioneered by The La Tofi School of CSR, and this event was held as a form of appreciation given to the parties who seek preservation of the environment, including the companies that carry out social responsibility by applying economic principles. In its 4th year, Indonesia Green Awards provide recognition to Summarecon Serpong, a business unit of PT Summarecon Agung Tbk, for his efforts to preserve the environment and the balance in the development area does in Summarecon Serpong. This award is given to the Conservers Leader category. This award is very special because it was given by the professional judgment and see the interests of all sides. It is seen from the composition of the jury assessors consisting of a variety of professions, including Prof. Surna Tjahja Djajadiningrat from the Ministry of Environment, Arryanto Sagala from the Ministry of Industry, Mohamad Hasan from the Ministry of Public Works and Mulyana Rida from the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources. On the awards night, this appreciation for Summarecon was accepted by Liliawati Rahardjo, Director of Summarecon. Delivers a comfortable residential area, complete with a variety of facilities and capable of biting in harmony with nature has become part of the culture Summarecon. It proved in three residential areas that have been presented by Summarecon Serpong, which is Pondok Hijau Golf, Scientia Garden, and The Springs, that entirely have their attention to the harmony of the environment seriously, and the results can be enjoyed by the occupants live and real.

Executive Director of Summarecon Serpong, Magdalena Juliati, explains, "Developers with the residents are committed to preserving the environment" Summarecon, as the developer, attempt to bring facilities that are friendly to environment, such as using materials that are friendly to environment, build a garden, regular duties to take care of hygiene of the park in every residence, as well as other hygiene tasks. In addition, the residental site also applied the waste convertion concept. The implementation of sewage treatment technology is an effort to Summarecon Serpong in terms of creating environment-friendly resident, in addition to creating absorption wells and using typical bins. In cooperation with the Tzu Chi Foundation, Summarecon do the sorting of recycling bin.

However the availability of various facilities and also the efforts of developers would be meaningless without the awareness of residents to participate in maintaining and together maintain a healthy lifestyle and environment friendly. Management Summarecon Serpong conduct a campaign to inspire and educate the owner of the residents. This time, almost all the inhabitants had permeated the importance of having a life worth to protect the environment.


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