Greening Kota Kelapa Gading

July 01, 2012

The fresh air and a healthy environment becomes a very expensive price for living in the city center. Every inch of land filled with towering concrete buildings and bustle of traffic that never stops. Before thinking to flee out from the city, you'll want to visit the Kelapa Gading, an urban design and comfortable residential environment with the best quality already waiting.

Anyone agree, that great city store a variety of complex problems such as dense residential, pollution, and the environment with less healthy are increasing. Various attempts were made to re-prioritize nature, but always hit the availability of land and the price is very expensive. Many are willing to divert occupancy outside the city in order to get a place to stay with a more healthy environment. However, the new problems that arise is a great distance to the business activities. Various attempts have been made to bring all the goodness of nature in the city center, which are creating a parks around the residential neighborhood. And maintained beautiful gardens that can be easily found on any residential cluster in Summarecon Kelapa Gading, Summarecon Serpong, even later in Summarecon Bekasi. The park is not only complements the aesthetics, but also seems to be a lungs for sorrounding occupancies. The park maintenance is done by Township Management of Summarecon, in each business units. With maintaining, the gardens will stay beautiful, residential neighborhood is also convenient for the residents.

In addition on any residential clusters have a park, Summarecon Kelapa Gading also has a spacious garden which can be a lungs for Kelapa Gading area, which is Taman Jogging Summarecon Kelapa Gading. An area of ​​1.6 ha is not only for the lungs of the town and absorption area, but also as a center of community activities. When afternoon, or even in the morning on weekends, a variety of activities from sports to community meetings conducted in this place. Jogging park is filled with a contoured landscape area and has a 497 meters jogging track with a width ranging from 1.2 to 2.4 meters. This open area is also filled with 138 units of lamps, so it is convenient to do activities at night. In addition, this park is filled with 89,500 plants from a variety of tropical plants and lush green ranging from perennials such as pine, coconut, frangipani, sawo kecik, palm, tamarind, mahogany, and shrubs. Green, leafy, and beautiful is the impression that citizens gets of Jogging Park Summarecon Kelapa Gading.

In addition to green parks, Summarecon now also offering residential apartments Sherwood Residence, an exclusive residential area of 2.8 ha with 72% of its territory by lush green area filled with tropical trees. Like an oasis in the northern district of Jakarta. The air is cool, quiet and comfortable with a refreshing green scenery once you get when entering the residential areas. Sherwood Residence seems to be a natural treatment for the people of Jakarta after a day full of traffics, pollution and activities in major city, Jakarta. If you are reluctant to move out from the city residence, then Sherwood Residence is a smart choice to get residence in the middle of the city with the best quality of the environment. Sherwood Residence consists of three towers, which is Richmond, Wellington and Regent, each tower has 23 floors and a ground floor. With the amount of as much as five to seven units per floor, the occupants will feel comfortable and warm without leaving the privacy needs. The three Sherwood residential tower will stand side by side with each other aside and form a single unit that will create the scenery and maximum utilization of land in each residential unit.

Various premium facilities are available in the apartment, including a swimming pool for adults and children, children's playground, terrace and roof garden, jogging track, outdoor fitness, bbq poolside party area, library, karaoke room, club house & fitness, games room, function room, pre-school, even cafe with a pleasant atmosphere. In any development, Summarecon have their attention to environmental quality so it'll be evidence of the manifestation of the vision and mission that entrusted by Summarecon, which plays a role in protecting the environment and execute social responsibility, as well as facilitating a balanced life for its people.


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