The Handover Of Depo Pelestarian Lingkungan

July 06, 2013

Locateded in Depo Pelestarian Lingkungan in the Pegangsaan North Jakarta, on July 6, 2013 has held Handover of Depo Pelestarian Lingkungan. The event became a series of history for the management of Depo Pelestarian Lingkungan in the future.

After 7 years, on 25 November 2006 the depot was established and contributed the business of environmental conservation efforts, the Depo Pelestarian Lingkungan was submitted by Summarecon for Tzu Chi Foundation to further managed by the Tzu Chi Foundation. The handover of Depo Pelestarian Lingkungan was symbolically by signing and handover by the Director of PT Agung Tbk Summarecon, Liliawati Rahardjo, to the Tzu Chi Foundation Chairman, Mrs. Su May

The Depo which stands on an area of 1,500 m2 was established from the beginning under the management of Town Management Summarecon Kelapa Gading with 3 security guards, 1 janitor, 2 drivers and 2 helpers driver.This Depo Pelestarian Lingkungan is equipped with office space, a kitchen, a dining room, a toilet and a hall which is the latest part that was completed in 2013. In addition, it also has 2 units operational depot car.

Various activities ever undertaken by the Depo Pelestarian Lingkungan as recycling socialization that was done with either door to door or presentation, garbage collection is scheduled in the neighborhods Summarecon located in Kelapa Gading environment with 2 times schedule every month, sorting junks that is done every day, and also the sale of used goods. Depo Pelestarian Lingkungan is also a place to learn about recycling activities through visits from school students.

Construction of the depot is the embodiment of the motto of Tzu Chi's recycling program, "Turning trash into gold and gold into love". With the handover of the depott from Summarecon to Tzu Chi Indonesia, we expected to function more Depo Pelestarian Lingkungan can embody the noble motto.


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