Qirsa Social Activity

July 25, 2012

Another activities that held during the month of Ramadan was organized by Qirsa (Qalbu Islami Karyawan Summarecon Agung), which is one container for Summarecon muslim employees to channel the aspirations and deepen their religious knowledge. This year Qirsa hold the program "Beauty of Sharing", which is intended as a container joint activities in this Holy month to improve employee's worship, edify and behavior of the employee.

This activities consist of routine taushiyah Ramadan, fasting together, Asmaul Husna training and social service of Ramadan. This year's charity is done through joint iftar with orphans and also delivery of cash donations to several foundations including Wisma Tuna Ganda Social Homes in Cimanggis Depok, Bina Laras Cipayung Social Homes, Putra Mulia Orphanage, Harapan Remaja and Muhammadiyah Orphanage in East Jakarta. It also delivered donation of school equipments for orphans, the poor and the dhuafas in contributions from Summarecon employees who are members of Qirsa. By holding regular social event that held annually, we expected to be the charitable field for every Muslim employees Summarecon and can bring blessings to the company where the employees work.